‘A day in the life’ at Sea Blue One Eighty

Join us on a summer’s day spent at our beachside apartment, Sea Blue One Eighty. Before we tempt you with all you can enjoy there, we’ll give you a quick insight into what you’ll find:

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • On site parking
  • Sea views
  • Sauna
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor patio space
  • Outdoor shower
  • Ample storage for beach equipmentPsssst….If you’re already excited to stay, follow the link to book now!


7am: Rise and shine!

I know early starts aren’t for everyone, but even on holiday (especially when the sun is shining) I can’t help but get up and out of bed for a bit of quiet time before the day truly starts. When staying at Sea Blue One Eighty, we were lucky to have the king-size bed with the en-suite bathroom. My partner is 6ft and likes to sleep in the middle of the bed, even then, I woke up with plenty of room!  My first port of call? A coffee on the patio. Sea Blue One Eighty has a Nespresso coffee machine, so a delicious latte was quick and easy! I take a good book with me wherever I go, so I sat on the bistro table and chairs, coffee in one hand and my book in the other, enjoying the fresh air and early morning sounds from St Ives.

7.30am: Morning dip.

It doesn’t take much for me to be tempted into the sea for a swim, but being able to see it from the living room of where we’re staying made it even harder to keep out of the water. Sea Blue One Eighty is just a few minutes from Porthmeor beach and as the sun was up and the beach quiet, I decided, that’s it…I’m going in! With a swimming costume underneath, I just needed to throw on a summer dress and with a towel under my arm, I headed on down and, within two minutes, I was there! The water was cold but amazing. Nothing compares to how fresh sea water makes you feel. I’m not the only one either, dotted along the beach there were a few happy faces of early morning sea swimmers taking a quick dip in the water before it gets a little busier. Once I felt content with my dunk in the beautiful (but still cold sea), I just needed to take the short hike back up the hill, luckily it is just a short uphill walk!

8.15am: It was almost time to wake everyone else up (sorry guys, it was sunny out there!)

First things first, I rinse all the sand and salt water off myself with the outdoor shower. This is so handy, especially if you have long hair like me that you’re desperate to get all of the sand and salt out of! Although it was sunny outside, I still felt a bit chilly from the sea swim. Is there any better excuse to fire up the sauna? I think not! I switched on the sauna using the super simple ‘quick start’ mode, and it took just  30 minutes to reach 70 degrees celsius. Whilst I was waiting for the sauna to heat up, it was time to make coffee for everyone else. Who doesn’t love a hot drink brought to them in bed? I’m no barista, but the Nespresso machine certainly made me feel like one! There are four of us staying in Sea Blue One Eighty, which is the property’s full capacity, however it is so light and spacious, you don’t feel cramped or on top of one another at all. It was great as it meant I could potter around downstairs without disturbing anyone.

8.45am: Sauna time!

After around half an hour, the sauna got super-toasty and I couldn’t wait to get in. Although it was already perfectly warm, adding water to the coals is always one of the best parts for me. There is a bucket and ladle in the sauna, so all that is needed is adding a little water to the bucket and then putting a ladle of water on the artificial coals through the metal grill, which made it simply perfect.

9.15am: Shower then breakfast.

After the swim, sauna and two coffees (eek!), it was time for us all to get ready and come together for some breakfast. Sometimes it can be a real nightmare if you’re all trying to shower and get ready at the same time, but a great asset to this property is having three showers, so the time is more than halved! When the weather is as amazing as it was, it really didn’t take long for everyone to get ready, as we all had one thing on our mind – sun! For breakfast we were craving some St Ives Bakery sourdough to have with our eggs. Luckily, it was a 3 minute walk down and a 5 minute walk back up. Whilst we made a start on the eggs, one of our friends popped down to grab us a freshly baked loaf, and they were back before the eggs were even cooked! We loved the bistro table outside for snacks and drinks, but for a breakfast feast, we opted for the dining table that provided us with plenty of room for hearty plates full of delicious food. The doors in the kitchen open up to let in even more sunlight and fresh air, so of course we had to have these open the whole time we were cooking and eating!

9.45am: Planning the day.

After a quick tidy up after breakfast, thanks to the super easy dishwasher we had to use, we needed to plan our day. We had two surfers in our party who wished to find the swell of the day and two of us who were looking to make the most of St Ives. Having a good WiFi connection in the property (that’s free too!) made searching for these things quick and easy. After some searching online for the best surf, Gwithian was the spot for them. Gwithian Beach is approximately a 20 minute drive from Sea Blue One Eighty and what made the travelling particularly effortless was our car being parked almost directly outside the front door. If you have been to St Ives before, you’ll know how much of a luxury this is. If you haven’t, St Ives is a beautifully small town, not built for a huge influx of cars, and for this reason the parking can get quite difficult in the summer. For us two ‘non-surfers’ we managed to book some online tickets at the Tate, which was our first port of call, before exploring the rest of St Ives.

10.45am: Trip to the Tate

We enjoyed a little more relaxing after breakfast and then made the one minute walk to the front doors of TATE St Ives, how’s that for an ideal location!? The Tate is an iconic spot to visit in St Ives and we would certainly recommend it whilst in the town. The exhibitions are often changing, bringing new and exciting pieces of art to the town. After some culture in the gallery, we found our way to the top floor where they have a great cafe with some of the best views over Porthmeor. We couldn’t help but order a cream tea and there was no way better to enjoy it. We sat outside on their terrace overlooking the beach drenched in sunshine.

12.00pm: Where next?

We now wanted to do some more exploring and walk across to Porthminster beach for a late afternoon paddleboard. Although Porthminster is the furthest away beach in St Ives from Sea Blue One Eighty, it is still only an 8 minute walk! However, we wanted to make some detours first. We made the short walk back up to the apartment from the Tate to grab our swimming gear, and we were ready to set off. 


12.30pm: Booking a boat trip

 It took just a quick 5 minute walk to reach the Sloop Inn on the harbour front and very nearby we could see all the stands where you can book and purchase tickets for boat trips. We’d all had this on our list of things to do in St Ives and when we saw the Blue Thunder Rib Ride, we just knew we had to book in. We booked their 40 minute sea safari for the next day and saw a lot of excited customers doing the same!


St Ives Sea Rooms seems to be renowned for their own brand ‘St Ives Liquor Company Gin’ and cocktails, and seeing as they had a spare outside table on a sunny day, we simply had to go and try one. With the sun beaming down, the beautiful harbour and sea in sight and an amazing cocktail menu, we were very happy. We both opted for the ‘Marmalade Martini’. What is in this amazing concoction you may ask? Blood Orange Gin, SILCo Seville Orange Marmalade, SILCo Limoncello and Red Vermouth – delicious!


A quick diversion from the harbour front to Fore Street was no effort at all and we were so excited to see all the wonderful individual stores that make up the town. We stopped off at the St Ives Co where we picked up some handmaid jellyfish keyrings and then we walked a little further down to The Yellow Canary to pick up some freshly baked almond croissants for our breakfast tomorrow. From here we took the short and flat walk along to Porthminster beach.



Our afternoon at the beach commenced. Porthminster looks tropical all year round, but in the summer, it is truly something else. The beach itself is lined with palm trees and that water is the most magnificent blue. Perfect. There is a watersport hire based on Porthminster beach, so we hired some SUPs (stand up paddle boards) and took to the water for an afternoon of fun. We also stopped off at the Porthminster takeaway for lunch. For us, it has to be fresh crab and a crust roll every time! 


After a blissful day of exploring and beaching, it was time for us to take the 15 minute walk back up to Sea Blue One Eighty. When we arrived home, we could see our surfer companions washing off their sand wetsuits and storing their boards in the outdoor storage. This is perfect as it limits the amount of sand that comes through the front door.

6:00pm: Dinner Prep

 My partner and I were allocated chefs for the night, whilst the other two enjoyed two cold glasses of pinot on the patio. We were really pleased to find two great cook books when we arrived at Sea Blue One Eighty. On our menu tonight, a dish from Gary Rhodes, grilled mackerel with a caesar potato salad. It has to be fresh fish when in St Ives. We sourced ours from Matthew Stevens who supplies the most delicious St Ives Bay Mackerel. The fully equipped kitchen and large fridge made it so easy to cook up this wonderful dish with the best local ingredients. 



Dinner prep. My partner and I were allocated chefs for the night, whilst the other two enjoyed two cold glasses of pinot on the patio. We were really pleased to find two great cook books when we arrived at Sea Blue One Eighty. On our menu tonight, a dish from Gary Rhodes, grilled mackerel with a caesar potato salad. It has to be fresh fish when in St Ives. We sourced ours from Matthew Stevens who supplies the most delicious St Ives Bay Mackerel. The fully equipped kitchen and large fridge made it so easy to cook up this wonderful dish with the best local ingredients. 



After dinner, we could still see the sun was sitting above Porthmeor Beach so we all made one last walk down to the sand for the day. We enjoyed a cool glass of pimms from the central takeaway and sat watching the world go by as the sun slowly set.


Almost time for bed! We all made the short hike back up to the apartment. We felt exhausted from the fun day we’d all had and ready to put our feet up and watch some easy evening TV. Sea Blue One Eight has a 42-inch Smart TV which comes with a SKY sports package including BT sports, so we weren’t short of things to choose from. If you have any gamers in your group, there is a PS3 here too which has already proved to provide hours of fun.

Sunset at Porthmeor


It  was finally time to get back into our comfortable king size bed. After an action packed day, as soon as our heads hit the pillow, we were out for the count! Ready for a good night’s sleep ahead of another wonderful day in St Ives!

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