Introducing you to the Orange Roofs app – your guide to a great holiday!

We're so excited to be one of the first self-catering agencies in the country to launch our own mobile app! We've tried to make it as straightforward to use as possible but in case we've missed the mark, below is a quick guide on what it does and how to do it.

The app can do a number things, such as showing you where our properties are and assist with navigating you to them, or viewing the HD live webcam feed of St Ives Harbour. But perhaps its greatest use, we think, is for those of you who have booked to stay with us. The app can provide you with all the information you need to get your holiday started and give full guidance on your holiday property.

We would advise downloading the app to your mobile devices before you set off on holiday so you can familiarise yourself with its interface and content. There is also the chance that mobile reception is bad. Especially here in Cornwall!

To download it, go to your app store, search for ‘Orange Roofs’ and look for our round, orange logo with white house in the middle. Tap on either ‘get’ or ‘install’.

Below you will find a guide to how the app works.

How to add your booking

As soon as you have booked a holiday with us you will be issued with a booking reference number. You will need this to access your property details on the app.

Within the app, click on the menu icon in the top left corner, followed by ‘My Bookings’.

Enter your booking reference number and either the first or last name of the lead guest i.e. the name that booking was made in. Tap submit and, providing you have entered the correct information, your booking will appear.

Tap on the booking and you will be taken through to the property information but only once the full holiday balance has been paid, which is due eight weeks before the holiday start date. Until this time a padlock symbol will be displayed against the booking and its associated pages of information will be locked.

It is worth noting that you can load more than one live booking to the app. So if between you and perhaps a family member you have more than one booking, providing you know the booking name and reference number you can load them all into the app. These will appear as individual bookings via ‘My Bookings’ on the main menu.

Finding your holiday information

Once you have paid your holiday balance, loaded your booking and clicked through to view the details, you will find all the information needed to start your holiday.

At the top of the list is a digital welcome folder for your booked property.

Next on the list is the code you will need to access your property’s keys from its key safe. The app will release this code at the designated check-in time of your booked holiday cottage. You needn’t be connected to the internet for this to happen. Once released the padlock symbol will disappear. Tap on this section to view the code. If your holiday home is ready any earlier than the predesignated arrival time, we will push a notification to your mobile device via the app and release the key safe code ahead of time.

Below this are sections that give detailed directions and arrival instructions. Tap each one to reveal the information. Tap it again to hide it.

As you work you way down the sections you will find further information about the property, from WiFi codes to rubbish disposal. This information will also be emailed to the lead guest ahead of your stay, but the app acts as a handy single point of reference to save you printing out information or hunting back through your inbox.

Map and navigation services

The app can also display a map that locates holiday properties. Go back to the main menu (icon in the top left corner of the screen) and tap ‘Our Properties’.

In default view it will show all of our properties. Pinch and drag with two fingers to zoom in for a closer look.

Tap on the map pointers to reveal properties’ names. From here you can opt to ‘see more’, which will take you through to the property’s details on our website and where you can view photos, a written description, view availability and book. Alternatively, if you have allowed the app to use your device’s location services, ‘Show Directions’ will plot a route on the map from your current location to the property. From there you can also opt to open directions on your default navigation app on your device, such as Google Maps.

At the top of the map screen is the option to toggle the screen from ‘Show all properties’ to ‘Show my bookings’. Tap this and it will pinpoint the property you have booked and from which all of the location services above can be applied.


We hope you enjoy using the app and find it a useful addition to your holiday. We’d love to hear what you think of it so if you can spare a couple of minutes please drop your thoughts – and any ideas for future developments – by calling us on 01736 806100 or in an email to

If you haven’t yet booked your next stay, don’t forget to check out our holiday cottages in St Ives >


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