Lockdown Number 2

It doesn't seem so long ago that this whirlwind all began and now we're preparing for a second lockdown, but we have done it once, we can do it again!

It is the 5th of November and we turn to see St Ives laying dormant again for another few weeks. However, it is currently a glorious day, so it certainly makes it a little easier!

It is a true shame that we are unable to welcome you all throughout this month, but with the mind for being positive, we want to try our best to bring all things St Ives and Cornwall to your fingertips.

Shop Local Online

First of all, we know the boredom will hit and the online Christmas shopping will start imminently!

Just like us, we are sure that many of you were very much looking forward to strolling through a festive Fore Street ready to pop into a few of your favourite stores, gathering gifts for loved ones (or yourself!). All those shops would have been very much looking forward to welcoming you too.

However, you are still able to support these stores from afar as many now have a great online presence.

Below are a few links to some local shops in St Ives and Cornwall where you can find all their goodies online, via their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Acadamy and Number 8 –www.academyandco.com

Jam Industries – www.jam-industries.co.uk

The Painted Bird – www.thepaintedbird.co.uk

Oska St Ives – www.stives.oska.com 

Silver Origins – www.silverorigins.com

The St Ives Company – www.thestivesco.co.uk

Cornish Candy Shoppe  –www.thecornishcandyshoppe.co.uk

St Ives Brewery – www.stives-brewery.co.uk

Ainslie Knits –  Instagram @ainslieknits

Foundation Coffee Roasters – Instagram @foundationroasters

Tideline Interiors – Instagram @tideline_interiors

Baked By Chlo – Instagram @baked.by.chlo

Cake Jmo – Instagram @cakejmo

If you have any extra suggestions for the list please do let us know!

Port of Call window display

Keeping Social

We love to use our social media platforms to interact and share the things we love, especially in a lockdown.

If you are craving a virtual walk along Porthminster Beach or a stroll up to the Island, let us know, we will use both our Instagram (orange_roofs) and Facebook page (Orange Roofs) to keep providing you with daily doses of Cornwall, which will hopefully give you even more to look forward to when you are able to visit us next.

Or, if you are missing the view from your favourite property this November, we will gladly go in and share with you your favourite snippet of St Ives.

In the meantime, please enjoy some of the photos below!

Planning for the Future

Now, none of us are completely sure about when this may end but we certainly are looking forward to being able to welcome you all back in December, all things going to plan of course!

We feel like there is no harm in being prepared for the best outcome, and this would be, you all being able to enjoy your Christmas and New Year holidays. Although, even if the lockdown is lifted, they will be a little different. Here are our top 3 tips when thinking about your trip:

1) Booking ahead – If you are wanting to go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner, almost everywhere now requires that you book. Also, with limited capacity and shorter opening hours, your favourite places may get fully booked pretty quickly.

2) Getting to know your property – As it is winter and circumstances are still not quite as they have been, you’ll most likely be spending a bit more time in them. So, if there is anything you want to know or need to know whilst planning, from sizes of saucepans to cafetieres and coffee machines, please feel free to ask us and we’ll help in any way possible!

3) Downloading the Orange Roofs App – for your December bookings, having our app is a must! When that arrival day you have been looking forward to is finally here, our Orange Roofs app is the first place you’ll receive your key code. But, even better to that, in the build-up you have access to all your welcome folder information, helping you get a real feel for your property, as well as access to our live webcam and a map to guide you directly to your front door.

Christmas lights on Fore Street

That is all for now, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some exciting festive blogs coming soon! With love, from Orange Roofs.