Looking Forward

Lockdown in November 2020 seems like a distant memory now, however read below to see how we felt about all things lockdown and what we couldn't wait to get back. How glad we are to be back to normality!

Returning to your favourite property

...or experiencing Cornwall for the very first time! 

Whether you’re longing to get back to your home from home, or looking to come to Cornwall for the very first time, some future planning is sure to help you get excited. Whilst sadly you’re unable to reside in your favourite seaside property, there is lots of behind-the-scenes magic going on to ensure they’re ready to welcome you back with open arms. 

If you haven’t been to Cornwall before but you’re looking to plan a perfect escape, take a look at our properties by clicking here. You’ll find a variety of locations from St Ives to Zennor, with beautiful properties in all shapes and sizes that can cater to your needs. Of course, if you need any help or have any questions, just let us know! 

St Ives Food

...and some hidden gems along the way. 

One reason we know you all love to visit St Ives and Cornwall is the amazing food available on your doorstep. From fresh seafood caught that very morning, to authentic Thai, we are well and truly spoilt for choice here. Also, not to mention, it is quite hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t have an amazing sea view!  
Even though at the moment we aren’t quite sure when our restaurants here in Cornwall will be able to safely open their doors to their much-loved visitors, we know when they are able to, it will be done so with open arms. This year every industry has taken a real hit and, much like us, we know everyone is truly looking forward to being able to welcome you back and carry on doing what they love.


Now, we know how lucky we are being in lockdown in St Ives and still having the beaches to get us through; we’re certainly making the most of them on our daily walk. However, we know some of you do not have such easy access and that is one of the reasons why you love St Ives so much!  

Whether it is summer or winter you’re coming to visit, there’s no better feeling than preparing for a day at your favourite beach. From sunhats and sandcastles to woolly hats and flasks, there’s not a minute wasted on the sand. 

If you’re missing sitting and watching the world go by on the harbour front, be sure to head over to our webcam to feel like you’re really there. If you head over to our webcam at night, you can enjoy the Christmas lights from afar!

Your Cornish Bucket List 

Whether you have visited once or lived in Cornwall your whole life, there will still be things you are yet to see and do which are an absolute must!

If you’re longing for your Cornish break and almost all of your planning is already done, start on your Cornish bucket list. What is one thing you always say you’re going to do, or wish that you had done and start planning a way to make it happen. Whether it is finding the mermaid of Zennor in the old Zennor chapel or completing the camel trail between Camelford and Padstow, let us know what’s on your list. We can let you know if we have done any ourselves, or we may use some of your ideas to complete if we haven’t before and share your passion of Cornwall with others equally in love with our beautiful county!

We hope this has given you a little more to look forward to under the circumstances and please remember we’re always here for your little snippet of Cornwall, in lockdown or not!  

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