Our top 5 favourite places for a hot chocolate in Cornwall

We have an abundance of beautiful beachside cafes, huts, kitted-out horse trailers (you name it!) here in Cornwall and one thing we love is to take a morning walk and of course treat ourselves to a scrummy hot chocolate.  Below are some of our favourite hot chocolate spots!

Poldhu Beach Café

A serious competitor in the best hot chocolate category! We just love visiting Poldhu for one of their mega hot chocolates that come with a huge range of amazing toppings, Toblerone is a particular favourite of ours (with lots of whipped cream of course). You can enjoy one of these whilst sat on one of their alfresco benches or strolling along the beautiful cove at Poldhu Beach. 

The Hungry Horse Box Co.

You’ll spot the fantastic Hungry Horse Box Co perched somewhere along Gwithian Beach, usually with some very happy people around it with handfuls of food and hot drinks. It is one of favourite places for a hot chocolate for two reasons. The first being, they are absolutely delicious (with all the trimmings!) and secondly, you simply can’t beat the location!

Hub St Ives

Having a HBX Hot Chocolate in St Ives whilst looking out to the harbour or getting one to take away and walking alongside the water’s edge. There’s something about St Ives in Autumn that brings such a warm and cosy feeling, even if the world outside is a little cooler, and this feeling is always helps by a scrummy HBX Hot Chocolate.


Located on Hayl’es North Quay, Lula is an absolute must for a hot chocolate!

Just moments from the water’s edge, you’re spoilt with views here making it perfect for summer and winter and for those especially cold days, they have a log burner running to keep you cosy, so, there is really no where better to get a scrummy hot chocolate with all the trimmings (cream, marshmallows and a flake!)

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