Owners Information

We at Orange Roofs are the facilitators; our role is to bond all components of your holiday letting operation together, making it a pleasant and simple experience for everyone involved.

We like to work closely with our owners, through listening to what they want to achieve with their second homes, we are then able to offer tailor made help and advice based on a healthy dose of knowledge and experience.

With all the know-how and a local team in place, Orange Roofs offers bespoke solutions to property owners in Cornwall, including:

  • advice on buying a successful holiday let;
  • advice on interior design, furnishing and providing a property that will be attractive to holidaymakers;
  • targeted marketing to maximize occupancy and revenue;
  • bookings enquiry management;
  • total guest communication from start to finish;
  • complete financial reporting for owners;
  • full property management and maintenance arrangements.
  • Whether you live nearby and would like to take a hands-on approach to property maintenance, or the distance involved means you need some help on the ground, the service we offer can be tailored to whatever your needs may be.

When it comes to holiday letting we know that each property has its individual requirements and a ‘sweet spot’ at which it performs to its best potential. Through experience we are experts in identifying this.

We also know that each owner comes with their own set of requirements which is why, rather than putting a one-size-fits-all plan in place, we see real value in having a good old chat over a cup of coffee so we can get to know one another and be sure that we are the right agency for you. This way we also get to see your bigger picture, the way you like to work and any considerations that may need to be planned for in order to arrive at the best possible outcome. Keen to know more about joining our portfolio? Click here for more information.

If you are visiting St Ives and would like to meet us all in person, we have an office in St Ives on Park Avenue so please do get in touch on 01736 806100 to arrange a chat over a coffee with Sam.

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