St Ives

St Ives seems to have that special something that draws people to it and keeps us in love with it.

The relaxed pace of life makes time move a little slower and things feel a little simpler in St Ives. The bobbing boats in the harbour and the cobbled streets, lined with old fishermen’s cottages create the perfect atmosphere to cast you back in time.


Knowing you’ll be going back to a, luxury holiday cottage, take the time to stroll around the town while enjoying an indulgent ice cream made from lovely Cornish clotted cream, watch fishermen stack lobster pots on the pier or paddle in turquoise Mediterranean-esque waters. We never get tired of exploring the beaches, roaming the countryside or walking the coastal paths, especially when it ends with a pint at The Tinner’s Arms in Zennor and cheating by getting the bus back.

Many of the holiday cottages in St Ives today were once fishermen’s cottages with the fruits of the sea providing the main income of the town. As time rolled forward the St Ives Bay train line rolled in, making the town flourish with residents opening their doors to visitors and skilled artists.

Arts and culture

Artists and art lovers alike gravitated to St Ives for to gain inspiration from the stunning coastal landscape, unique light, architecture and welcoming locals.

Artists used empty fishermen’s sail lofts as studios so they could work in and absorb the heart and soul of the town, resulting in a thriving art scene and streets lined with boutique galleries showcasing a range of local artwork. Now home to the Tate St Ives, The Barbara Hepworth Museum and The Leach Pottery, St Ives proudly boasts some of the most iconic artworks that have been created in the UK

St Ives has a rich heritage of poetry, music and theatre too. Traditional Cornish folk music drifts from the historic pubs as you wander through the streets and plays can be enjoyed in the 19th century St Ives Arts Club.

Out and about

When in St Ives and if you own a sturdy pair of walking boots, walk the stunning costal paths to get a real eye full of the stupendous coastline.

Visit galleries, see local theatre, enjoy a pleasure boat trip or even take a painting lesson at The St Ives School of Painting releasing that artist inside.

You only have to feel the fine-grain sand between your toes on any one of St Ives’s five beautiful beaches to know why we love to spend our downtime on them. From surfing to sandcastles, you can never be short of things to do like taking a paddle boarding lesson at Porthmeor Beach or even renting a speed boat at Harbour Beach to explore St Ives Bay.

Whatever your preference, you can also see what’s going on there today via our St Ives harbour webcam


It’s fair to say there’s more to St Ives food than just pasties and ice cream, although we do love to sample the new flavours on offer!

Just stroll through the town and you’ll see a variety of award winning restaurants, pubs and cafés serving locally grown and sourced Cornish food.

Worthy of a particular mention is the freshly caught fish, handed in local harbours and expertly prepared by acclaimed chefs. Just like seasonally fruits and vegetables the fruits of the sea also have seasons. Oysters, mussels, mackerel and bass all have their own seasons, some even celebrated with their own festivals.

If you fancy a break from cooking in your self-catering cottage in St Ives many venues are both child and dog friendly so the whole family can enjoy the culinary treats available.

St Ives, often described as the ‘jewel in the crown of Cornwall’, is truly a special place that gets under your skin and is quite simply a perfect holiday destination for all.

What our guests say …

St Ives has a magnetism that draws us back year after year. I like to think of myself as a local and something that keeps me going when I'm back home is that one day we'll able to live there permanently.

We just love everything about St Ives: its people, the harbour and beaches, the art galleries, just everything.

St Ives is the place I go to reset and become 'me' again. Whether it's the town's culture, history or just its beauty, it's like nowhere else I've ever been.

Quite simply, my favourite place in the world.