Recommended Babysitters and Childminders in St Ives

Sometimes you need a spare hour, half day, day or just someone to watch your little one after they’ve gone to sleep and this is where a babysitter or childminder can come in. But when you are travelling, visiting friends and family or just stuck last minute, finding someone to watch your little one can feel impossible, so here are the best local childminders and babysitters around St Ives.

Things to do in St Ives

As a parent myself, I sometimes find it hard to separate or have someone who isn’t family or a friend watch over my daughter, but there are times when I feel it would be a fantastic idea. Both for my daughter to socialise with other kids more and for my partner and I to get time to do something we don’t normally get to.

We often think of going out to a restaurant and needing a babysitter but there are so many options that open up for you, especially if you are on a holiday to St Ives and Cornwall.

The biggest change since becoming a parent has been my partner and I can no longer surf together. But we could easily have a babysitter for 2 hours or they could even join us on the beach and watch her so we can get a quick surf together. It’s moments like this that having that extra set of hands can make a day or holiday amazing! Our daughter loves to play in the sand and explore the beach, so it’s a safe bet she will happily be watched over while we sneak a quick surf.

Here are some of the things a babysitter might let you do:

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Difference between a childminder and a babysitter

What type of care you choose is really up to you and what you prefer, price, how long, how regular and/or what qualifications and assurances you prefer. It’s about peace of mind and knowing that when you leave your little one for a period of time they’re happy, you’re happy and you can use that time wisely and not spend it worrying or being distracted. Those moments you get to yourself can be short and fleeting, take them when you get them.

A childminder comes with more qualifications, a purpose-safe environment for your little one and first aid training, as well as having to be OFSTED registered and a DBS criminal check. Going with a childminder will generally cost more and availability may be harder on short notice, but you are paying for the facilities, service and peace of mind.

If you are chasing a nanny for the day, most childminders will also offer this service at a different rate.

That isn’t to say anything against babysitters, a lot of babysitters opt to be registered with OFSTED, have a DBS check, have first aid qualifications and will set up their own play areas, they just aren’t legally required to have those. For this reason, you’ll find more options and availability with babysitters.

Again, which way you go comes down to your peace of mind and price point. Both options are great. As a parent myself, I tend to base it on the peace of mind, the person taking care of them, the environment they will be and then how long I need someone to take care of my daughter. If it’s long and/or routine, a childminder, if it’s just a one-off, last-minute dinner or something similar, I might go with a babysitter.

Finding someone to suit your family

You’ll find childminders and babysitters catering to a range of ages of children and babies, as well as multiple kids. Don’t think someone won’t be available, the best policy is to ask first and see if they say no they don’t have availability or the set-up for your family. If they say no, the local community here is great and they will know someone who might be able. Always check rather than give up if you are in a hurry or left without granny and grandpa!

Childminders in St Ives

Firstly, a lot of the childminders will also double up and offer babysitting services, so do ask based on what your needs are and what their services are.

Here are the best local childminders in St Ives and the surrounding area.

Emily at St Ives Babysitting (Childminder and Babysitter)

Emily has a degree in childhood and youth studies, along with over 20 years of experience taking care of children. Emily offers daytime and nighttime services, with a range of activities indoors and outdoors. Beach time!

Emily can also come to your accommodation to take care of your little one in a space you are familiar with.

Emily is OFSTED registered, part of the government 15-hour funding scheme and is highly reviewed.

You can see Emily’s services, contact details and book Emily here:
Her website
Her email :
Her phone number : 07845768249

Emily Babysitting St Ives

Emily Babysitting St Ives

Little Peaches Childminding

Little Peaches Childminding is run by Melanie Hathaway and with over 20 years experience looking after children, your little ones will be well looked after. With a range of indoor and outdoor activities available, Melanie often shares and shows with you what the kids have been up to and you can see what other activities they can do while being looked after.

Melanie is OFSTED registered, part of the government 15-hour funding scheme and is highly reviewed.

You can see Melanie’s services, contact details and book here:

Her Facebook Page
Her email :
Her phone number : 07834067900

Other Childminders

You can find a full list of childminders registered with in the St Ives area if Emily and Melanie don’t have availability. That link will also allow you to chat via Whatsapp with childminders.


Babysitters in St Ives

Both Emily and Melanie above are available for babysitting. Here are the best local babysitters in St Ives and the surrounding area.

Sally-Ann (Nanny, Childminder & Babysitter)

Sally-Ann is a nanny, OFSTED registered and a member of PACEY. Sally is also available for childminding with over 10 years of experience with a big house and garden for the kids to play in. If you are looking for a nanny and more than just a babysitter, than Sally is your go to. Sally can also help with the dreaded potty training and is compassionate and has special needs experience.

Zahra (Weekend Availability)

Finding a babysitter for the weekends is harder than the weekdays, often babysitters and childminders want to be with their families, which is fair, it’s their job so they should get time off. This is where Zahra might be one of your best options! Zahra is available all week and weekends and to top it off, she is an English and Maths tutor. So if you want to make sure your kids are getting the homework done or some extracurricular schooling, Zahra is an amazing option.

Rebecca (Special Needs Care & Weekends)

Rebecca has over seven years in a special needs school and if you want peace of mind to know that your kids will be looked after properly, then Rebecca is a good choice.

Other Babysitters

You can find a full list of babysitters registered with in the St Ives area here. That link will also allow you to chat via Whatsapp with Babysitters.

St Ives & surrounding areas babysitters and childcare services Facebook Group

If you want to connect with local babysitters, childcare works or parents, you can join the Babysitters & childcare services. St Ives & local area Facebook Group. With over 1000 people in it, you’ll be sure to get connected to the right people or have your questions answered by those locals.

Working Holidays and Government Free Child Care

The government has been rolling out a service to working parents subsidising childcare and allowing parents up to 15 hours per week of childcare free. This can be extended up to 30 hours in certain cases.

What’s important to know is a lot (but not all) of childcare services are registered with this scheme and when you are looking for a childminder you will likely be able to use some of your hours for free childcare while visiting St Ives or anywhere in the UK. This is a great way to take advantage of a working holiday to St Ives.


If you’re stuck and need a babysitter, there is always an option, even if you are on holiday and somewhere new. The choice between a childminder and babysitter is your preference based on the service, availability and price. Childminders will come with government requirements and more peace of mind, however, most babysitters will opt into those requirements for your peace of mind.

Child minding isn’t just for those late-night dinners, take that one day in the week to get a few waves with your partner, go explore an underground cave and old mine, visit a brewery or hit a few holes at the West Cornwall Golf Club.

Don’t forget to ask if they are part of the free 15-hour/week childcare scheme and try to enjoy the time you get with your little one and those few moments when they are being looked after.

Book a child-friendly holiday cottage in St Ives

Here is a list of holiday cottages in St Ives, Carbis Bay and Hayle that provide either or all of these items that save space in your car!
  • Travel cot
  • High chair
  • Stair gate

15 The Digey – Travel cot and stair gate
45 Back Road West – Travel cot
Ahoy There – Travel cot and high chair
Artists Harbour – High chair, travel cot and a stair gate.
Artists Light – Stair gate (fixed at top of only staircase), travel cot and high chair
Harbour Beach Cottage – Travel Cot
Hawkes View – High chair, travel cot, toilet seat and toilet step
Hillcrest – High chair
Island Retreat – High chair
Lahaina – High chair and travel cot
Number 4 Salt – Travel cot and high chair
Number 8 Salt – Travel cot and high chair
Pencroft – Travel cot
Porthia Penthouse – High chair, travel cot and toilet seat (also has lots of childrens cutlery/plates etc)
Shearwater Cottage – Travel cot and booster seat for dining chair

Article written by Luke Hardacre

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