The best Ice Cream and Vegan Ice Cream in Cornwall

Here’s the best ice cream in Cornwall and a few honourable mentions for lunch, beach and ice cream that will keep the kids entertained all day!

Cornwall is spoilt for choice when it comes to Ice cream, especially with 2 ice cream parlours in Cornwall named in the top 10 of England. Whether you’re into traditional ice cream, all the trimmings, unique flavours, restaurant fancy quality ice cream or vegan ice cream, Cornwall has it!

The Cornish are a proud lot and like to stick to tradition and together, so wherever you go, whichever beach or small village you visit in Cornwall, you’ll most likely find Roskilly’s or Callestick Farm being served.

Best Ice Cream Parlours in Cornwall

Moomaid of Zennor – best vegan option

Moomaid of Zennor is a bit of a local legend and produces its own ice cream straight from the farm. They have a range of different locations but it’s always worth visiting the farm located near the beach. If you want to make a day of it, here’s a list of things to do around Zennor.

I’ve never heard anyone say a bad word about Moomaid or its flavours. The cafe is a beautiful little spot nestled into the coast, serving small meals and amazing ice cream.

The vegan chocolate is the best I’ve had and never miss an opportunity to snag a tub!

If you want to spoil yourself, go for the milkshakes or any of their sundaes, it’s worth it! Just walk it off along the cliffs or beach afterwards if you visit their farm, or a stroll through town if you visit any of their other locations!

Moomaid of Zennor Ice Cream Sunday

Ice Cream Sundays at Moomaid of Zennor in St Ives

Treleavens – Best high-end and fancy options

If you want to spoil yourself and go high-end restaurant quality fancy, Treleavens is for you! Treleavens describe themselves as luxury and the list of flavours is exactly that!

Spoilt for choice and with a range that seems less hit and miss than anywhere else, you’ll be left wanting to buy a tub to take home!

With a range of ice cream, sorbet and vegan ice cream, there will be something for everyone.

pistachio ice cream

Pistachio Ice Cream!

With flavours like:

  • Orange & Mascarpone
  • Pistachio
  • Raspberry Pavlova
  • Irish Coffee
  • Butterscotch & Pecan
  • Gin & Tonic (Sorbet)
  • Strawberry & Prosecco (Sorbet)
  • Campari & Clementine (Sorbet)
  • Vegan Speculoos
  • Vegan Salted Caramel

Roskilly’s Farm – Best Organic Ice Cream

Organic ice cream doesn’t come often but thankfully you have Roskillys. Made on their local dairy farm that you can visit for free, bring your dog and visit the restaurant in-house, it’s a great family day out!

Their ice cream is amazing and you’ll find it in shops everywhere in Cornwall. Their herd is farmed sustainably and grass-fed, going from field to field.

It’s not just about being healthy though, Rosklilly’s backs it all up with some of the best flavours like:

  • Black Currant Cheesecake
  • Crunchy Caramel
  • Cornish Golden Fudge
  • Cream Tea
  • Cherry Sorbet
  • Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet
  • Vegan Mango

Roskillys best ice cream in cornwall

Their vegan options aren’t an afterthought either with amazing sorbet flavours that go beyond the standard lemon sorbet and their award-winning Vibe Vegan Ice cream.

Callestick Farm – Award-Winning Ice Cream in Cornwall

Callestick is tried and tested, award-winning Cornish Ice cream. You’ll find it in shops and cafes across the county and there is a reason for it. It’s that good!

Callestick Farm is another location you can visit and is set up for families with a tonne of activities and kids’ entertainment while you get to sample a few flavours.

These are the flavours that won Gold and Silver recently!

  • Gold
    • Belgian Chocolate
    • Blood Orange Sorbet
    • Clotted Cream Vanilla
    • Cookies & Cream
  • Silver
    • Blue Bubblegum
    • Butterscotch Brittle

Most notable is the Blood Orange Sorbet winning Gold and this is a must-try for any vegan or sorbet lover.

the best ice cream in cornwall

Award winning ice cream

Jelberts – Best for Traditional Vanilla

Have you ever heard the saying too many bottles of wine..? It’s a saying about being unable to make a choice and this is what Jelberts does best!

One flavour, one choice, done to perfection!

Vanilla, done the traditional Cornish way, is made daily in Newlyn with a dollop of cream and flake added to every serving.

Vanilla isn’t everyone’s first thought when you are craving ice cream but it’s reliable. Flavours can be hit and miss, and sometimes they sound amazing but the final product feels completely removed from the title. Vanilla is forever, it’s a staple, and it’s what’s generally in the freezer at home but Jelberts is done to perfection and never a letdown!

All of their packaging is plant-based and biodegradable.

Unfortunately, Jelberts does not have a vegan option.

Vanilla ice cream

Kellys – Best in the Supermarket Aisles

The good thing about Kelly’s is if you love it, you can go buy it in the supermarket usually and it’s traditionally made with clotted cream, giving it a different taste. This is the tub we stock in the freezer when guests from outside of Cornwall come to visit. It doesn’t break the bank, has an air of “ouuuhhh something local to try” and always impresses.

But it’s not just at the supermarkets, you’ll find their ice creams in a range of parlours around Cornwall.

Mr B’s – Best for add-ons

Mr B’s is an explosion of flavours and add-ons. It’s a sugar rush and going all out. You can go for the usual options but what separates Mr B’s is their Sundays or waffles cone come drenched in syrup. Your kids will love it, with crazy flavours and wild colours, if you feel you want to spoil them. It’s then a short trip to the beach where you can let them run wild!

Vegan options are available but aren’t always the same every time so it can be hit and miss on what flavours are there.

ice cream with all the addons

Best Destinations for a full day out and ice cream

The Hidden Hut – Best seasonal lunch and ice cream

The Hidden Hut is amazing and a must-visit for food lovers, couples and families. Nestled in a remote beach cove, hence the name, this used to be hidden from the masses but it’s become a renowned location for great food, safe swimming and scenic views. Parking is tough in high season so get in early.

Everything is seasonal, fresh and local, with the menu changing to suit. Famous for their amazing soups, stews, chowders and chillis, daily homemade butcher steak pasties and summer grills with plenty of homemade cakes and seasonal dips to accompany any meal.

I’ve never known what will be on the menu when I’ve visited but I have never left the Hidden Hut disappointed and there’s always been a cake or ice cream after a swim and meal.

Just be mindful, like the car park, the queue for food can get big but it’s worth it.

Vegan options have always been there, either in sorbet, ice lollies or cake options.

The hidden hut

The Hidden Hut

Chapel Porth Beach Cafe – Best beach day and snack

Chapel Porth is an amazing National Trust beach location that gets more surf than other sports, is great for the whole family from mid to low tide and has a cafe on site! This is the destination to catch a few waves, explore the rocky cliffs and heritage mining sites with the family and finish up with a cafe snack or ice cream.

Famous for the Hedgehog ice cream they serve, vanilla ice cream with clotted cream on top, rolled in toasted hazelnuts.

This beach is also patrolled by the RNLI, making it very family-friendly!

hedge hog ice cream

Hedge hog ice cream

Nauti but Ice

Nestled in the harbour village of Porthleven, Nauti but Ice is a popular cafe and ice cream parlour that stocks Roskilly’s ice cream. This is a great option for those wanting to explore, visit a beautiful iconic seaside village and sample some of the best ice cream in Cornwall! With cakes, coffee, lunch and ice cream waffles on offer, this is a great option to get out and about while appeasing everyone in the family!

Options for Vegans

Vegan ice cream can sometimes feel like an afterthought and you have limited flavours. It can be a disappointment getting to the front of the line to see just vanilla and lemon sorbet.

Within my family, we cater to dairy and dairy-free diets, The Moomaid of Zennor always works and always has a good flavour on offer. The Hidden Hut will always have a good option for plant-based meals and snacks. If you want more unique flavours, chase down Treleavens at their location or their many stockists. A lot of vegan cafes stock their ice cream and combine them for amazing treats, bowls and brunches!

Both Roskillys and Callestick offer good options for vegans that you’ll find in most locations across Cornwall.


You are spoilt for choice with ice cream in Cornwall. You’ll find either Callestick and Roskilly’s sold in most cafes along the coast, along with their farms you can visit. As well as Moomaid of Zennor’s Cafes and Treleavens supplying high-end restaurants and parlours along the coast, it’s hard to go wrong.

For Vegans, there are options everywhere and a strong recommendation is any of the vegan cafes or the Moomaid of Zennor.

If you want to make a day of it or add lunch to any beach trip or ice cream hunt, the Hidden Hut or Chapel Porth Beach are the go-to spots!

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