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A recent study shows that 7% of the UK population now identify as vegan.  This explosively growing trend of not eating animals or products derived from animals has not passed St Ives by and, though it arguably lags somewhat behind the times, fortunately many of the St Ives' eateries are innovating to meet the demand of the growing number of vegan diners.

Most restaurants will express willingness to cater for vegans on request, however below are our recommendations for venues that have made a special effort to cater for vegan diners visiting St Ives, such as having at least one vegan option for starter, main and desert on the menu:

The Bean Inn is the area’s leading vegetarian and vegan restaurant.  Since 2003 they have been serving up vegan and vegetarian food to vegans and vegetarians in their restaurant in Carbis Bay on the outskirts of St Ives.  Their vegan credentials are solid, they even source their cleaning and laundry products and soaps to ensure that they are environmentally friendly, free from animal ingredients and have not been tested on animals.  Visit Bean Inn’s website to look at their menu and book a table: or give them a call on 01736 791706.  The Bean Inn does not have allocated parking but there is plenty of available parking in the nearby side streets.  The restaurant is also very easily accessible via bus or train from St Ives.

Blas Burgerworks is one of the best burger joints on St Ives restaurant scene, with sound green credentials, that has grown incredibly popular.  In fact; word of warning, it is worth booking ahead, or if you intend to have take-away putting in the order in good time – a waiting time of over an hour for a table or take-away orders is not uncommon.  Blas definitely caters for carnists, but also offers almost all of the menu options as vegan and vegetarian options based on black beans or tofu, both options are delicious!  The menu even contains several dessert options for vegans, shock horror!
Blas is open all evenings from 5pm-10pm.  For further information, and to look at the menu or book a table/place an order for take-away visit their website or call 01736 797272.  Blas can be found on Warren Street an inauspicious side street just opposite the St Ives Arts Club.

The Rum and Crab Shack is a lively venue on The Wharf and they have just launched a new vegan menu to accommodate the rapidly growing number of vegan punters they are receiving.  Head Chef and owner Stu McGuire has put a lot of thought into developing his innovative menu and such instant classics as the tofu and seaweed fish and chips, and the dairy and meat free mac and cheese.  The bar also serves a selection of vegan beers to assist in the digestion and stimulate the harbour-front spirit.  Further information about the Rum and Crab Shack can be found on their website, though sadly you won’t find the vegan menu on there yet

The Scoff Troff Café in the Market Place also slips into this list with a good health range of vegan breakfast, brunch and lunch options on the menu, though the evening offerings are a bit less extensive… and regrettably not a single desert option.  Again, Scoff Troff will also take bookings via their website.

A Cornish pasty is an excellent choice for lunch and many of the pasty companies cater for vegans.  Chief amongst them is Warren’s Bakery, the oldest Cornish pasty maker in the World and the fastest one to note the changing tide of dietary preferences with three vegan options available on their menu – traditional, Thai green and Mexican spicy – all of them delicious!  There are two Warrens Bakeries in St Ives, one in Tregenna Place and one on Warf Road.  You can also order online for delivery or collection via their website.

The Yellow Canary Café on Fore Street also offers a couple of delicious vegan pasty options, a traditional and a Thai green, both delicious and filling.

Both of those venues offer some seating, but if it is a gorgeous day why not sit on the pier taking in the beautiful views whilst you feast on your pasty like people have for hundreds of years in Cornwall – just watch out for the seagulls – they really like vegan pasties too!

For a refreshing sweet treat on a hot day Willy Wallers Ice Cream Factory on The Wharf offer a range of delicious vegan sorbets.  Enjoy them in the sun, but again a word of warning; the gulls also love vegan sorbet!

The award-winning Raw Chocolate Pie Company is based in Hayle and they make a delicious range of vegan pies and fudge that we highly recommend as delicious treats and snacks. They have quite a range of products on offer and are made using no artificial sweeteners or chemicals and organic and Fairtrade ingredients.

We hope we have given you some good options for vegan food in the St Ives area allowing you to enjoy your holiday fuelled by a healthy and cruelty-free plant-based diet.  You can of course also always use the well-equipped kitchen in your holiday cottage to prepare your own delicious vegan food.  The nearest supermarket with a good selection of vegan ingredients is Sainsburys in Penzance, 20-minutes’ drive from St Ives or roughly an hour on the train, or you can place an order online for delivery straight to your holiday home the next day.

The beautiful close-up images of food in this post are courtesy of the Bean Inn

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