Holidays with the dog – why do dogs love Porthleven beach?

Dogs bring their owners to Cornwall all the time. I love meeting them and finding out why they love coming and so many are savvy knowing which beaches are pawfect all year round.

On this occasion I met Lass, a beautiful black Labrador (aged 7yrs at the time of this photo) and she told me why she loved Porthleven beach so much.


Sam: Lovely to meet you Lass, you have such a gorgeous smile and what a wag you’ve got going on!

Lass: Lovely to meet you too Sam, I can’t help smiling when I’m in Cornwall and on this beach. My mum and dad have a holiday home nearby and they bring me here to get a really good soaking in the sea, sometimes the waves are huge so I’m ‘told’ not to go so near the sea although I know that already (I let them care!) so we instead we head up to the fresh water lake further up the beach at Loe Bar. There’s a circular walk around the lake and back through woods (we stop for tit bits on the way around as there is a yummy coffee shop which sells cakes and gorgeous ice-cream) and then we end up back where we started. Pawfect in every way!

Sam: Yes, my two dogs love that walk too – particularly Joodie who finds the squirrels a real challenge to keep up with! So can you go on Porthleven beach all year?

Lass: The best bit yes! The bit nearest the slip way and the pier you can’t but half way up the beach there are steps that bring you down on the beach that then lead you to Loe Bar and that’s open all year round to us dogs (to you beings too I think)

Sam: It’s quite a pebbly beach, isn’t it?

Lass: Yes – but it doesn’t stop me. I think it gives my mum and dad a bit of extra exercise too!

Sam: Can you swim in Loe Bar fresh water lake?

Lass: Yes – it feels lovely as gets the salt out of my coat after messing around in the sea first. My dad is well-practiced at throwing a toy which I just have to get back for him..every time!

Sam: So what else do you love doing in Porthleven?

Lass: Well, now you mention it, I do love it when mum and dad go to Halzephron Inn just along the coast – they do great sausages there!