October Half Term Holidays and Halloween in Cornwall

Cornwall is a spooktacular place to visit for some Halloween fun and frolics. Love being spooked? Read our recommendations on where to visit for some ghostly, dark and scary Halloween fun this October half-term in Cornwall!

Come to Cornwall and enjoy its stunning beach landscapes, rich history, and vibrant summertime culture.  However, equally enticing is Cornwall in Autumn, when the leaves start to turn and the crisp air falls and it undergoes a bewitching transformation. So why not visit a Halloween event in Cornwall this October half term, without a doubt, you will experience ancient traditions, eerie legends, haunted lanes, creepy castles, and spirited gatherings. The Cornish folk really know how to put on a Halloween festival to wow every visitor who dares to take part.

9 Things to Do this Halloween in Cornwall

Bodmin Jail

Photo Credit: Bodmin Jail website

Photo Credit: Bodmin Jail website

Bodmin Jail is a haunting testament to a bygone era of incarceration. An example of this is its imposing granite fortress, with formidable turrets and sombre façade. The jail played a central role in Cornwall’s history for over 150 years and was originally constructed in 1779. Since then and until 1927, it witnessed the incarceration of countless souls, some of whom were sentenced to the most gruelling punishments imaginable.

The Cornish attraction of Bodmin Jail is truly a wonder to visit throughout October. This historic prison takes on a spooky transformation as it hosts a series of spine-tingling Halloween events. We recommend you visit this October half-term to find yourself immersed in a world of ghostly tales and paranormal experiences. We suggest donning your brave pants while you walk the jail’s dark corridors and shadowy cells. As part of the chilling guided tour, you will hear stories of long-departed inmates and their tragic fates in the cells of Bodmin Jail.

For those seeking a more heart-pounding adventure, Bodmin Jail offers Ghost Hunts where the bravest of you all can explore the jail after dark. Arm yourselves with nothing but courage and a flashlight on an excursion in the darkest corridors of the jail and have an up-close encounter with the supernatural! Which restless spirits roaming the desolate halls will you bump into?

Healeys Cyder Farm

Photo Credit: Healeys Cyder Farm

Photo Credit: Healeys Cyder Farm

Healeys Cyder Farm is not just a farm; when you visit, you go on a journey through the rich traditions and flavours of Cornish Cider. Experience the charm that lies in their dedication to the craft of cider-making when you visit the family-owned farm this October half term. The staff at Healey’s Cyder Farm love to show visitors how they perfect the art of producing delicious Cornish cyders and scrumptious fruit juices right there on the farm.

The Farm offers more than just a delightful taste of their products. It’s also a place to experience the spirit of Cornwall, especially during Halloween! As the crisp autumn air sets in, the farm undergoes a magical transformation, with pumpkins, hay bales, and spooky decorations.

Between the 21-31 of October, Healeys Cyder Farm opens its creaky doors to visitors of all ages to join in the Halloween festivities. Get your hands dirty with pumpkin picking from the pumpkin patch then head to the Rattler Bar spookily transformed into a pumpkin carving extravaganza!  If you feel brave enough, hop aboard the haunted vintage tractor ride. The farm’s warm and welcoming atmosphere ensures that families create cherished memories while celebrating this spooky holiday.

Pendennis Castle

Photo Credit: National Trust website

Photo Credit: National Trust website

Pendennis Castle is a historic fortress in Falmouth built between 1540 and 1545 for King Henry VIII. It has defended this part of the Cornish coast against foreign invaders ever since. By visiting Pendennis Castle you learn of its historical importance to our country’s shores and freedom. We recommend you go to Pendennis Castle this Halloween for some scary fun for all the family. Grab your broomsticks and witch’s hat and gather around the cauldron for spooky tales. Give the Halloween Quest a try by solving as many creepy clues as you can. As well as the Halloween half-term spookiness, there’s so much more to enjoy at Pendennis Castle! One of our favourites is walking around the moat before crossing the draw bridge into the castle grounds to be transported back in time.

There is ample parking at Pendennis Castle so park your broom sticks and have a scarily fabulous time this Halloween.

Wheal Martin Clay Works

Photo Credit: Wheal Martyn Clay Works website

Photo Credit: Wheal Martyn Clay Works website

Wheal Martyn Clay Mine is a historical gem that will give you a captivating glimpse into Cornwall’s rich mining heritage. It is a former china clay pit turned museum and heritage centre that showcases the importance of clay extraction in Cornwall’s industrial history. Did you know that china clay is used to make paper, rubber and paint as well as the obvious china and porcelain? When you visit, you can explore the clay works, marvel at towering pit stacks, and learn about the labour-intensive processes involved in china clay production.

Between the 23 and 27 October Wheal Martin Clay Works is hosting a Halloween-themed event so, grab your portion of clay on arrival and let your scariest creations come alive! We’re picturing evil-eyed pumpkins or monstrous spiders or a magical, mystical broomstick.

The Dark Gathering

Photo Credit: The Dark Gathering website

Photo Credit: The Dark Gathering website

If Halloween signifies magic, mystery and elaborate costumes to you, take part in The Dark Gathering at Tintagel. This enchanting annual event held on Hallows’ Eve brings folklore to life from centuries ago. Indeed, The Dark Gathering is for like-minded souls who celebrate the ancient traditions and folk stories of the region. Traditionally, people dress up in bewildering costumes, inspired by local legends and Celtic mythology and meet at Tintagel Castle. At the Dark Gathering Halloween event, you see fancy-dressed participants partake in rituals, music, and dance, creating a mystical atmosphere. Equally, we think it is definitely worth attending if you are looking for a captivating experience suitable for families and children. So go on, immerse yourselves in the timeless tales and traditions of Cornwall and its mad, magical ways this Halloween!

Halloween at Flambards

Photo Credit: Flambard's website

Photo Credit: Flambard’s website

This October half-term, Flambard promises you a hair-rising time on their spine-tingling rides and spooktacular fireworks. Celebrate Halloween this year with your friends and family at Flambard’s ‘Trick or Treat Week’. Additionally, there is a great choice of phantasmicly scary fun rides for all ages plus don your witch’s hat to figure out the creepy clues for the Pumpkin hunt. There are no tricks on offer, just treats, so work out where the pumpkin is hidden and win yourselves a treat! As a matter of fact, if quizzes are your thing, why not tackle Flambard’s Penny Dreadful quiz sheet or Mystery Trial in their Victorian Village?

Halloween Twilight Run

Ever fancied running from Zombies? No, me neither! If you think you can outrun the vampires and zombies this Halloween, we recommend a visit to Scorrier Estate. Arrive at twilight on the 29th of October, broomsticks are not allowed but you can bring your werewolves by taking part in the cani-cross 5km or 10km runs. For families and children, the 2.5km fun run starts at 4 pm and will be hilariously Halloween fun in fancy dress. Bring along your head torches and sticks of garlic and be prepared for some wicked festive fun. If you manage to avoid being nibbled, there is a treat for the survivors!

Halloween Maze of Horror

Photo Credit: The Amazing Cornish Maize Maze website

Photo Credit: The Amazing Cornish Maize Maze website

Be afraid, VERY afraid! Halloween Maze of Horrors opens on the 28th of October at 6 pm so it will be eerily dark! It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted so ideally for the older children and brave adults. Notwithstanding your fear, put on your brave pants to walk the set route through the maize maze and ready yourselves for some terrifying scenes played out by talented scare actors. There will be fire performers and stunts as well as a BBQ selling food alongside their ghoulish cafe food.

For the smaller members of your party, there are less terrifying Halloween festivities at the maze throughout October. For example, younger children will be invited to visit and pet the very friendly, soft and cuddly animals. Or, they can pick up a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and work the way out from a short maze walk by solving a Halloween-themed quiz.

Spooky Scarecrows at Cothele

Photo Credit: Visit Cornwall

Photo Credit: Visit Cornwall

We recommend you plan a visit to National Trust’s Cotehele which is Cornish historical treasure near Saltash. It has centuries-old lush gardens and woodlands which surround the beautiful Tudor House with its intricate architecture and charming interior. When you visit inside the house you will see the art and antiques that showcase Cornwall’s heritage. Book a visit to Cotehele this October half term where the big prize goes to those who can solve a mysterious puzzle. To solve the puzzle, the aim is to find as many scary scarecrows as you can by reading their folklore stories. This is a truly immersive and fun Halloween event at one of Cornwall’s most stunning estates. It is full to the brim with fairytales and legendary folktales, fun, laughter and the odd scream!

We hope these ghoulishly fangtastic events this October half term and Halloween deliver the right measure of hilarity and horror...

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