Gardens in Cornwall – Tremenheere Sculpture gardens

On the hill side just outside Marazion is Tremenheere Gardens.

With exotic and sub-tropical plants you would be forgiven in thinking you’re not in the UK but then you look around and see the beautiful coast line  of West Cornwall and you know you are somewhere quite special.


Tremenheere is not just any garden with exotic plants and an abundance of colour and wildlife, it has huge statement pieces of sculptures such as the ‘Restless Temple’ by Penny Saunders where a temple sways in the wind before  your very eyes or the imposing ‘Minotaur’ guarding his place in the Cornish Woodland or the tranquil, and quite beautifully finished, Chelsea Garden site hosting the ‘Beehive’ by Noel Betowski. You can walk around the gardens lost in your thoughts, soaking up the peace and tranquility whilst gathering ideas for your own garden. If you get inspired, there is a nursery where you can buy native and exotic plants or mementos to take home as gifts.

There is a cafe at the entrance of the gardens where the food on offer by Tremenheere Kitchen is plentiful and exceptionally tasty. There is a good choice for vegetarians but not so much choice for anyone with milk or wheat intolerances. If you are one of the lucky ones where no food fazes you, the menu will definitely be one of the main attractions.

Local artists and writers also sell their wares at the gift shop alongside the cafe and the shelves are full of gorgeous unique pieces of jewellery, handmade cosmetics, clothing and scarves as well as books on the local area – a real treat to browse while waiting for your coffee to be brought to your table!

Tremenheere makes for a real treat of a day out, and if this is your kind of holiday activity, don’t forget to check out other blog on gardens to visit in Cornwall too.